Friday, 8 May 2015


I see glimpses of a new era.
There is a restless wind, a fresh wind, a stirring happening.  Watching the trees from my window, I see the wind causing them to bend and bow down, they're losing leaves and the 'twig' like branches; their roots going deeper into the earth that they stand on.

This fresh wind is blowing away all the old stuff!!
Fresh oil, fresh flowers, fresh bread are some of the fragrances I've had the pleasure of receiving this week.  Reminding and confirming to me about the NEW that Father wants to release, both personally and corporately.
Sadly I saw many hanging on to the 'good old days', a 'this is the way we do it!' mentality.   Fearing the change, some unsure of His love, His leading, His Fathering.  Trust's all good.

This fresh wind is bringing what we haven't experienced before.  It's encouraging sons and daughters to come forward, to blossom, to bloom, to step out of the boat, to be brave!  To rise up on Eagles wings and soar!  And to BELIEVE again that what He has said, He will do!
Isaiah 43:19

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