Tuesday, 10 May 2016


A couple of weeks ago I was sharing with a few close friends about an open vision I had received from the Lord.  In the vision I saw a long wavy line of dominos.  Several, of which, were different colours; with their usual number of dots on them.
I sensed that each domino had been strategically placed in preparation for the momentum that occurs when the first one is touched.

Then God said to me that during the month of May many will see the beginning of a 'domino effect'  in their lives.  As God's finger touches the very first domino; the rippling effect will be breathtaking!

I could see immense JOY exploding as long awaited promises and prophetic words that had been spoken, were suddenly, (it seemed suddenly but God has been behind the scenes working all the while) manifesting and bringing to birth the fulfillments that had been longed for.

I sensed too that for some the hope of ever seeing these promises come to pass had almost died as they had become weary in the waiting and had forgotten that God, our God, is a faithful God and ALL his promises are 'yes and amen!'

For some, this will also be a time to see the beginning of an ENLARGEMENT!  Those that have had to stand firm and entered into a LIFESTYLE of what I call 'Heart Alignment' (John 5:19) will no longer take any nonsense from the Father of Lies over their own lives, the lives of their families, Churches/Gatherings, their towns, cities and nations!   A Holy boldness will be evident in these ones which will cause a stirring, a hunger even, resulting in great exploits to see Jesus glorified all over the world.

I also saw the ENLARGEMENT of territory, of land, and increase in all areas connected with the wealth of God's Kingdom.  As the finger of God touches the first domino we will hear the click click click of the rippling effect throughout the nations!

Friday, 29 April 2016


Early one morning last week as I was waking up the Lord said to me, 'Patsy, it's barley harvest time.'  Now, for me, that meant nothing. So during the past few days and burning the midnight oil last night I have been seeking out the meaning of what God said to me and this is what he revealed.

I discovered that the three main feasts of Israel are each associated with a different harvest.
Barley - ripens around the time of Passover (Now!)
Wheat - ripens around the time of Pentecost
Grape  - ripens around the feast of Tabernacles - (Autumn UK - Fall)

I also discovered that these three crops represent three groups of people:
Barley - the overcomers
Wheat - the rest of the believers
Grapes - the non believers

I read that in biblical times when the barley was harvested it was 'winnowed' by using a large fork like tool.  The barley would be 'thrown' into the air and the WIND (which was normal weather for this season) blows away the chaff, leaving the barley to fall to the ground to be harvested.
For many of us

Then I was led to the book of Ruth and this is where this all comes together.
Most of us know the book of Ruth, basically, Elimelech (Ruth's father in law) decided to leave
Bethlehem because of a famine and travel to the land of Moab.  During the time of their residency
there, Elimelech dies leaving Naomi and two sons. These two young men, Mahlon and Chilion married girls of Moab, Orpah and Ruth. Later both these men die and Naomi decides to return to Israel as she had heard that the Lord was blessing his people by giving them good crops.

On their homeward journey she changes her mind concerning her daughter in laws going with her and suggests they return to their parents homes and happily marry again.
Reading the account in Ruth, you will see that Ruth insists on staying with her mother in law even though Naomi was in a state of misery and bitterness it says that Ruth clung to her!  This meant that Ruth was:
1. Leaving her own family and land
2. It appeared she would live a life of widowhood & childlessness
3. Her commitment to Naomi was amazing. 'Your God - My God'. 'Where you die - I die!'

Ruth 1:19
'So they both came to Bethlehem and the entire village was stirred by their arrival.'
Verse 22: 'Their return from Moab and arrival in Bethlehem was at the beginning of the BARLEY HARVEST.'
From here we read about Ruth meeting Boaz. A righteous, good man who likes her and cares for her and then marrys her.  Ruth is blessed beyond measure as is Naomi her mother in law.

Ruth 4:13-15
'So Boaz married Ruth, and slept with her, the Lord gave her a son. And the women of the city said to Naomi, 'Bless the Lord who has given you this little grandson; may he be famous in Israel.  May he restore your youth and take care of you in your old age; for he is the son of your daughter in law who
loves you so much, and who has been kinder to you than seven sons!'
Ruth son is named Obed who later has a son called Jesse who fathers David.
Matthew 1:5 Obed is listed amongst the ancestors of Jesus making Ruth a great great grandmother of

During this last season many, many believers have struggled in different areas, in health, in family, finance whatever and like Naomi have almost given up hope.  She even changed her name upon entering Bethlehem to 'Mara' meaning 'bitter' because 'God had dealt her bitter blows' but be encouraged sons and daughters,  God always sends a Ruth!  God has plans to prosper you to give you a future and HOPE!  Jeremiah 29:11
Naomi was looking at her NATURAL circumstances and NOT Gods perspective! God had already placed Boaz in the right place at the right time to bring about Kingdom Fulfillment.  Things that have been written in his book long  before they were born!

It's time for our BARLEY HARVEST - where there is LIFE and not despair - PLENTY and not poverty - ABUNDANCE and not lack - FULFILLMENT and not failure!

Glory to God!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Rising as Eagles

Today I set aside time with God - how refreshing that was!  I was enjoying a mug of coffee in the morning sun sat in a part of the garden that is a sun trap at that time of day. There was a little bird in the trees singing his little heart out, so sweet hearing him.

As I began to thank my Heavenly Father for the joy of sitting and enjoying this moment, momentum began to flow and I found myself giving thanks for the fields, the blue sky, the traffic!  I sensed myself 'rising' being lifted above earthly concerns and troubles and seeing earth from a heavenly perspective.

My mug, (a recent present from friends) has this scripture printed on it:
'But they that WAIT upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall MOUNT UP with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.'  Isaiah 40:31
I read that as I finished my coffee and Father said to me, quite clearly, the SECRET is in the WAITING!  'They that WAIT upon the Lord.'

So, today, as I chose to stay in close communion with him all day and stay away from my phone, social media, any other interruptions, Papa has been speaking to me of things to come.  Showing me the preparation needed for what's coming, both personally and corporately. And the importance of WAITING, BEING STILL and KNOWING that HE is God!  He is God, He is Lord, He is King of everything and as we wait and still our hearts before him he becomes bigger and bigger and we become more thankful for being a part of what He is doing upon the earth at this time and the privilege of being his son/daughter.

My eyes caught a couple of verses above my scripture - Isaiah 40:25/26
'With whom shall you compare me? Who is my equal?' Asks the Holy One.  'Look up into the heavens! Who created all these stars?  As a shepherd leads his sheep, calling each by its pet name, and counts them to see that none are lost or strayed, so God does with stars and planets!'

I'm hoping that reading this little blog you will be encouraged to take some 'time out' just to be with him.  Give him all your focus, all your attention and receive the fresh oil that is being poured out at this time.
He dwells within our hearts and never leaves us or forsakes us.  He has plans to prosper us, give us a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11)  He directs our steps, makes our path straight - wonderful 💕

Saturday, 26 March 2016


Tonight in the UK we will be putting our clocks one hour forward and for the last couple of weeks God has been speaking to me about timing.

Genesis 6:8 reads that Noah was a pleasure to the Lord. NKJ says 'Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.'  Noah was the only righteous man living on the earth at the time. And most of us know the account of Noah's obedience when God tells him to build a boat.  Actually he is told exactly how to build the boat; building with resinous wood, sealing it with tar, constructing decks and stalls etc

6:22 'Noah did according to all that God commanded him.'

Genesis 7:1 'Finally the day came when the Lord said to Noah, "Go into the boat with all your family, for among all the people of the earth, I consider you alone to be righteous."
7:4 God said, 'One week from today I will begin 40 days and nights of rain.'  Then scroll on down and we read that one week later, as God had said, when Noah was 600 years, 2 months and 17 days old; the rain came!   TIMING!

I'm reading about Abram and Sarai last week how God promises Abram that if he leaves his country and family and allows God to show him the land that God wants him to inherit, then God will make him a great nation and God will bless him and make his name great.  Genesis 12

You see, the PROMISE comes to us. IF ......and we say 'yes' THEN God teaches us to come to a place of REST in Him - THEN we see the fulfilment of the promise.  We just have to allow him to work on our hearts. With all the prayer, seeking, the leaning into Him along the way, this process actually empties us of ourselves and fills us with Him.

With Abram and Sarai, there was a 'name change' along the way. We know that names; the meaning of names, are very important. They are often symbolic of the character of the person.

Genesis 17:5 'What's more, I am changing your name. It is no longer 'Abram' (Exalted Father) but 'Abraham' (Father of nations) for that is what you will be.  I have declared it.'
17:15/16  'Regarding Sarai your wife - her name is no longer 'Sarai' (Princess).  I will bless her and give you a son from her!   Yes, I will bless her richly, and make her the MOTHER of nations!  Many Kings shall be among your posterity.'

So, what relevance has all this to us and God's timing?  This, that just like Abraham, Issac, Elizabeth, Mary and many others, WE are given a PROMISE.   But the TIMING of that promise belongs to God.
What do we do during the PROMISE and the FULFILLMENT?  We continue to love Him with ALL
our everything. The first and greatest commandment, Jesus said.  We continue to BELIEVE what HE
has said because it will SURELY come to pass.
The WORDS that God speaks, never, ever, never, never, never return to him empty, unfulfilled!  That's His promise too!  Isaiah 55:11

In conclusion - We know that Gods timing IS perfect - Ecclesiates 3 says so.  But often our anxious thoughts, our 'microwaveable' lifestyle opposes this little gem, the beauty of JOURNEY - HEART tenderising/changes and instead we may increase 'things' that we can do (maybe trying to twist God's arm). Been there a lot and got several t shirts!  Instead of ALLOWING Him to PREPARE us for what's coming. ALLOWING Him to whisper in our ears that it's actually okay - He's got this!  Because He really, really has!

Lastly, two things:
1. I'm sensing that there are couples reading this that have believed promises for children, just like Abraham and Sarah and they feel that time is running out.
NO!  IF God gave the promise - get back on that horse and BELIEVE again!
HE IS FAITHFUL!  Look at Sarah - well past the age of childbearing. I sincerely believe we, as sons and daughters, will see many 'late' pregnancies come to pass.

2.  This for the men. There are many of you who are 'Fathers' like Abram I believe there is a name change for you from 'Exalted Father' to 'Father of Nations'.   You'll have a witness to this - you know who you are.  Get ready.    Aslan is on the move and the nations are waiting. Hallelujah Jesus!!

Thursday, 24 March 2016


This morning I decided to tidy the garden before the Easter break and before the rain that's forecast arrives. Some of the small branches fell when we had gale force winds and a lot of twigs too.  I decided to put the green branches at the bottom of the garden, where some of the rabbits live and to use the smaller twigs for fire lighting.

I lit the rubbish that has accumulated in the incinerator and added some magazines and the remains of a large candle that had completely burnt out of its jar but had a lot of wax still in the jar.
As I was stood watching it take (it's a converted large oil drum) I could smell a beautiful fragrance.

Of course, the candle wax was melting and in amongst all the flame, smoke and ash, this beautiful fragrance was wafting across the garden.
Then I was reminded of the account of Daniels friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were taken into the fiery furnace because they refused to bow down and worship a golden image.

Daniel 3:5 tells of King Nebuchadnezzar making an image of gold and the people were told that whenever the band the strikes up they were to fall on to the ground and worship his golden image.
3:6 'Anyone who refuses to obey will immediately be thrown into a flaming furnace.'

3:16/17/18 Tells of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego's response:
'O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not worried about what will happen to us. If we are thrown into the flaming furnace, our God is able to deliver us; and he will deliver us out of your hand, Your majesty.'
But if he doesn't, please understand that even then we will never under any circumstance serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have erected.'
If you continue reading you'll see that King Nebuchadnezzar was filled with fury and anger and commanded that the furnace be heated seven times hotter than usual and called upon some of the strongest men from his army to bind them and throw them in the fire.
Verse 22: 'Because the King in his anger had demanded such a hot fire in the furnace, the flames leaped out and killed the soldiers as they threw them in!'
Then in verse 24 we read that Nebuchadnezzar jumped in amazement as he could see FOUR men in the furnace walking around, unbound, in the fire and they weren't even hurt by the flames!

Roll on down to verses 26 /27 and we read that Nebuchadnezzar calls the men out of the fire and he saw that the fire had not touched them - not a hair on their heads was singed; their coats weren't scorched and they didn't even smell of smoke!
Lastly, in verse 30 we read that the King then gave promotions to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego so they prospered greatly there in the province of Babylon.

So, what has all of this got to do with me lighting a fire in an old oil drum!?!  Well, this -
We will all go through fires on our journey. Sometimes they will be hotter than at other times, but it will happen. I believe God is bringing us into a place where we live out of that John 5:19 lifestyle where His people, His Church only do what we SEE and HEAR the Father doing.  So it's inevitable that a lot of our 'flesh' our plans, our own desires that are not in alignment with His plans and purposes for our lives, will have to go. At the same time, we are being made more like Jesus!
Out of our love relationship with Him, we lean in, bow, and rest in Him and His ways just like Jesus did with Father.  (Read Johns gospel)
Out of the fires, out of the difficulties comes promotion!!  We will be like Him!  And just as the candle wax melted in the oil drum today; with its fragrance wafting all over the garden; that's like the smell of heaven. That fragrance being breathed in and out of us and smelt wherever we go.

 The promotion always comes, because we have refused to 'bow down to golden images' whatever
they may be personally to you and we have chosen to be obedient and to follow Him.
Let's rest in that this Easter time - as we celebrate and remember our beautiful Saviours sacrifice on the Cross and His rising from the dead so that we might live!  Thank you💕

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Early this morning I finished reading from the book of Revelation.  Many close friends and acquaintances know, I like to read a Bible from Genesis to Revelation as a daily read.  My favourite and usual translation is The New King James but my current read has been from The Living Bible.
So, this morning, as I'm reading from Revelation, I am, once again, glued to this word and imagining what some of these people/creatures actually looked like!  My mind was like popcorn!  I'm forever amazed, at the revelation that John received.

The descriptions of many Angels, the opening of the sealed scrolls, the flasks, the golden altar, the trumpets and the choir with harps.  The descriptive details of the horses, the weather!  Flashes of lightening, thunder, roaring thunder, hailstones weighing 100 lbs!  (Revelation 16:21)

And as I begin to worship Him and to give thanks to even be a small part of all this, as a daughter of the King; His Kingdom.  This is what he said to me:

'As your Father, and as a Father to my nations I unfold understanding in part and in parts so that you can receive and understand what I am saying to you.  My heart is global - I am changing the hearts of my children to think as I think, to begin to understand that your little groups and movements of separation is not the desire of my heart. My desire is that you are one, even as we are one.
( John 17:21)   And your love for one another, the authentic love that I have given you; your costly love for me and the purposes of my heart will be easily evident for all to see and will cause a 'Love Harvest' from one side of my world to the other.
I am enlarging hearts and minds of my sons and daughters in preparation for what is coming to the Earth. Ha ha! I smile at you, my daughter, when you are surprised and even amazed at such things as gold dust, sparkles & gems. These are just fun things!  The Earth really hasn't seen anything yet!
But continue in my Word - continue in loving me with ALL your heart, your mind, your everything
and WATCH what I am doing in my nations.  Now that will really amaze you! 💕💕

Friday, 11 March 2016


Earlier this morning, having some quiet time and looking at some pictures, I was drawn to a photo of a fairground roundabout with the usual 'fixed horses' leaping off!

Then God spoke to me quite clearly, and said that many, many people are being released from 'old ways' and 'old circles of life repeats' are being broken off bringing them into places of abundance.

Just as the photograph was showing, some of the horses were leaping off into freedom.  In the same way, many have the opportunity to stop going around and round, with the same music, on the same route, doing the same things, and leap into a NEW freedom!

I really want to encourage anyone that knows,mor feels that this is them, and to 'take the risk' to jump off the roundabout and dance to the NEW music, the new rhythms, that Heaven is currently releasing.

Heaven is releasing New things and a release from old ways of doing things.  Let's take the leap in this Leap Year and go with the flow!