Sunday, 15 November 2015


As I awoke this morning, these were the words to me from the Lord, 'EUROPE - ITS TIME!' This morning as we take a minutes silence at 11am to remember those who have died this past weekend in Paris, let's join together in prayer, agreeing with Heaven, that it is indeed time for Europe. Many of you will know that I had an open vision in 2008 of a LOVE ARMY coming across Europe. I shared this again recently in meetings in the Czech Republic. At that time, God showed me that He was preparing His LOVE ARMY that would be moving right across Europe. This Army, had no 'weapons' as soldiers usual weapons, but their weapons were heavenly weapons. Their words FULL of power and authority - their shadows, like Peter, causing the lame to be instantly healed and their prayers were from the heart of the Father. They were living out of a truly John 5:19 lifestyle - whatever Father was doing, we were doing, whatever Father was saying, we were saying. So, friends, let us choose to live this lifestyle and see Gods love army arising, as He has said. And as HOPE carriers release the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that FEAR melts over the nations and Jesus is glorified!! Amen 💕

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